New multi-rotor.


Scandicraft is currently developing a new multi-rotor, for resque missions in- and outdoors.
The craft has a unique design, which gives it highly improved safety when flying indoors and through narrow areas in general.
After a successful test period we have now recieved our first order and are looking forward to a complete system delivery during September.


Scandicraft is proud to announce that we are the first Swedish UAV company with development approval for flying category 1a and 1b during development of unmanned vehicles and platforms.
This presents us with the unique opportunity to quickly help a big amount of clients to swiftly progress from idea to an actual flying platform solution.
The approval was granted to both Fix-Wing and VTOL crafts.


We have a new video demonstrating our Proton-80.


The UAS system Proton-80 has been approved for use outside of Bofors Test Range. This is a huge, important step for us. Thanks to the special design of the plarform and its powerful jet turbine engine we are able to carry heavy payloads and sensors for various types of tests as well as scouting.

Managing 250km/h, the Proton-80 allows for lightning-fast scouting and scanning of vast areas. The platform can easily be launched using Scandicrafts custom light-weight catapult.




Scandicraft has assisted in creating a flight film for Swedish company Vägverket, using our very own Proton-40.

The objective was to film the new road construction around Motala and Vadstena.