2012 summary


Scandicraft 2012

Scandicraft has the privilege of looking back at a very exciting 2012. Together with CybAero I have executed test flights for AeroVironment in the U.S.A. a large portion of the past year, and I would like to take a moment to congratulate the companies on these successful collaborations.  

Nationally we have had the pleasure of working together with Unmanned Systems Sweden. Their Fix-Wing platforms are very impressive.

We have also expanded upon our collaboration with Transportstyrelsen, which has facilitated our various flights with prototypes as well as helped us engage in costumer-focused tutorials and educational flight sessions.

One of our very own prototypes is the fold-able multicopter S.A.F.E.

We are looking forward to a grand, exciting 2013!

Best regards – Claes Meijer, CEO Scandicraft AB

Scandicraft has worked as test pilots for different UAV vehicles of V.T.O.L. and Fix-Wing design.

Through our expertise and practical experience we have aided companies with test flights and back-up assignments in a large amount of countries and continents.

You are always welcome to hire our two certified UAV pilots for maiden voyages as well as more advanced tests. Above all we specialize in Fix-Wing crafts and helicopters.

We are proud to rightfully state that we have a wide experience and a great amount of satisfied costumers for reference.