Motala Fire Department first in Sweden to utilize drones.


Designing and manufacturing drones tailor-suited to our clients’ varied needs has always been, and remains, our prime focus as a company. One of our latest achievements is the work carried out together with Motala Fire Department, where we adapted a commercial drone model to meet their specific needs and best help them in their duties.

As with all tools and equipment utilized by the Fire Department it is of utmost importance that our drones are dependable and effective. As such we have committed to not only develop a reliable drone model, but also to see to it that their employees receive the specialized training needed to manoeuvre these crafts in their intended work environment.

“This will be a fantastic aid” says Fire Chief Håkan Sandberg in an interview with the newspaper Corren. “We will be able to deploy the drone and make a first assessment  of an accident, allowing us to make out where the biggest threat for our firemen is and as such secure a safe action from our side.”

This commercial drone has been adapted for reliable use connected to the fire department’s lead truck, which is always the first on the scene during deployment.

We also had a chance to present our work for nation-wide television, with a video now available on SVT PLAY.

Scandicraft is happy do enhance our products to meet any needs of the fire and police departments, at an affordable price.

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