Scandinavian UAV Support partook in practical tests with the goal to track radioactive sources in Norway, September 2016.

The Swedish team was equipped with two multi-copters and a fix-wing, both developed and delivered by Scandinavian UAV Support.


Safe is a multi-copter designed especially for navigating narrow spaces and perform close quarter scanning, with minimal risk of damage to the copter and its environment.

The fix-wing RadiaWing has been developed to easily carry larger, heavier sensors for extended flights.

A crucial demand was the ability to maintain a low flight-speed. The tests proved that RadiaWing was more than capable, even able to handle the rough terrain and the hard-impact landings with ease.


Further test flights will be held in Sweden together with our clients this fall.   


“The Bus”


This summer Scandicraft UAV has been committed to develop our new UAV FixWing “The Bus.”

It has been designed with extensive cargo in mind, while still maintaining controlled flight speed and low energy consumption.

As a conclusion to our comprehensive testing we are proud to announce that we have not only met our expectations but also exceeded them.

The vehicle currently operates through the ArduPilot system, which is an open source platform compatible with a broad array of UAV:s.

Oil Buissness


Scandicraft is currently surveying Canadian oil assets.
flight team Canada
For the very first time one of the major Canadian oil companies mapped out their projects through the use of UAV:s.
Scandicraft was approached through the Norwegian company Ansur to carry out this extensive operation. We started out with a multitude of flight tests in Sweden, in a collaboration with the company Mättjänst, and were thereafter able to approach and carry out this mission with utmost accuracy and precision,  by utilizing optophoto transmissions from a flying drone.  The assignment comprised amongst other measurements over eight thousand photographies, taken by the electric Fix-Wing UAV we deployed for this specific task.
The limited landing areas would have presented a major obstacle for most current-generation UAV crafts but the robust yet delicate Fix-Wing was right in its home element and did the job flawlessly.
This project granted us new experiences which we will carry with us into future assignments.
Canada drone 1.

New multi-rotor.


Scandicraft is currently developing a new multi-rotor, for resque missions in- and outdoors.
The craft has a unique design, which gives it highly improved safety when flying indoors and through narrow areas in general.
After a successful test period we have now recieved our first order and are looking forward to a complete system delivery during September.


Scandicraft is proud to announce that we are the first Swedish UAV company with development approval for flying category 1a and 1b during development of unmanned vehicles and platforms.
This presents us with the unique opportunity to quickly help a big amount of clients to swiftly progress from idea to an actual flying platform solution.
The approval was granted to both Fix-Wing and VTOL crafts.