We have a new video demonstrating our Proton-80.


The UAS system Proton-80 has been approved for use outside of Bofors Test Range. This is a huge, important step for us. Thanks to the special design of the plarform and its powerful jet turbine engine we are able to carry heavy payloads and sensors for various types of tests as well as scouting.

Managing 250km/h, the Proton-80 allows for lightning-fast scouting and scanning of vast areas. The platform can easily be launched using Scandicrafts custom light-weight catapult.




Scandicraft has assisted in creating a flight film for Swedish company Vägverket, using our very own Proton-40.

The objective was to film the new road construction around Motala and Vadstena.




Scandicraft has recieved a new Swedish client. During spring we have had the pleasure to work for Intuitive Aerial AB. They are hard at work developing a larger, commercial multicopter with extremely delicate camera rig. Scandicraft has participated in assessments of similar products as well as developed and tested new concepts and ideas.


We look forward to this exciting collaboration and the developments ahead of us.


Avalanche tests


During Mars Scandicraft performed practical tests for avalanche rescue.
The tests were performed with a multi-rotor platform with measurement equipment, in order to track buried skiers. In this case with standard transceiver systems, for offpist skiing.
Also included in the tests were several autonomous search patterns, in order to quickly localize one or several buried skiers. The tests were performed at about 2000 meters above the ocean.
The tests were very educational. Scandicrafts work to develop more “user friendly multi rotor systems” continues. Coming up are tests on our own foldable and steady vehicle.






Scandicraft keeps on working on the Multi-rotor project.

The autonomous hangar (see clip below) is one of several projects we are currently developing in Sweden.

Protective arch armour for safer usage of the Multi-rotor drones is yet another handy product from Scandicraft AB.